Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wedding Tiaras and Circlets & Celtic Wedding Jewelry

It is the time of year when many are thinking ahead to spring and summer weddings. We thought we should get some thoughts down for those of you who are considering a wedding tiara or circlet.

Often, when we do shows, someone will come up and look at our tiaras, and say, "I wish I knew about these BEFORE my wedding!"

We're doing our best to become easier to find on the web, so here's hoping those who are looking for our particular kind of tiara will find it in time. (By the way, you can subsitute circlet for tiara every time it's mentioned in this blog entry, our design qualifies as either.) Click here to read a short piece on crowns, tiaras and circlets.

We have written an article on weddings and tiaras, so feel free to check it out for helpful hints on how to wear one.

As weddings get more and more creative, tiaras and circlets become more common as adornment for the bride, and even at times the groom. Our Celtic heart tiara is bold enough to be worn by either a woman or a man. Adorning the bride's head with a tiara, in addition to a veil, is a way to create a distinctive look, while maintaining tradition.

We have also seen a rise in the demand for Celtic jewelry for the bride, groom, and others in the wedding party. Because of the Celtic knot theme in many Celtic jewelry designs, the bride can wear one style, the groom another, and the bridesmaids a third, with all of the unique Celtic jewelry designs complementing each other.

Another style of adornment we've seen, is to take a Celtic pendant, and sew or pin it onto the front of the veil so that is rests on the upper forehead of the bride. the silver and gem color adds a stunning bit of bling to the whole ensemble.

We also have made a new online friend that we'd like to introduce here. We are a featured jewelry designer at, and they have a wealth of information and resources for every part of the wedding, including, planning, location, entertainment, and almost anything else you can think of. Thanks to Sharon for passing our info along after seeing us at the KVMR Celtic Festival, in Grass Valley, California the past few years. They have an informative and very entertaining blog as well.

We expect to get more helpful information up here on the topic of weddings and Celtic jewelry and head adornment, so check back. If you have any pictures of yourself in one of our tiaras, send it by email and we'll include it in a future post.