Sunday, September 23, 2007

Loriah Celtic Necklace - overstocked and drastically discounted

Greetings, In December of 2006, one of the major freight services lost a order of 40 necklaces we had shipped out to a vendor. After many phone calls trying to track them down, we gave up on it, and eventually produced the same necklaces again. Here's a photo to the left.

Fast forward to last week. They showed up with no explanation.

So, here we are with about twice as many of these beautiful Tribal-Celtic necklaces, in sterling silver and black onyx, than we would normally carry in stock.

What this means to you, is that we are drastically discounting them for the next few weeks.

We normally sell this necklace at shows, and in our online store for $129.00. We have lowered the price to $99. You can Click Here for a link to this necklace on our site.

Stay tuned for more specials as we get closer to the holidays.

Also check out a new Celtic Jewelry site.