Sunday, September 9, 2007

Scottish Highland Games in Pleasanton 2007

We had a new booth location at the Pleasanton Scottish Highland Games this year, hoping to reach a few more people with our Celtic jewelry line, but the heat kept many people away. It was nice being in an air conditioned building for the first time, but when it's over 100 degrees out, many Scottish folk stay home.

The musical entertainment was great again this year with the Tribal Celtic band Wicked Tinkers, and the eclectic Celtic band Brother, from Australia.

Due to an intense lightening and hail storm as we were packing up the RV, I left 25% of our Celtic jewelry stock at home. All of the hand carved woolly mammoth designs I had just finished were left by the electric door in the studio. After a lot of kicking myself in the ass over it, I drove 6 hours and picked it up after the games closed down on Saturday evening.

Such is the life of a traveling crafter. There are so many things to keep track of, deal with, handle and anticipate. I guess it beats having a day job, but at times like that I'm not always sure.

It was good to see some of our faithful clients again in person, which is one of the main reasons we enjoy the shows. Many show up wearing some of the designer Celtic jewelry pieces we've produced, and check to see some of the new designs.

The Pleasanton Scottish Games is the largest Scottish Games in the world I'm told. If you haven't attended, it's worth a visit, but, try and make it when the weather is a bit more mild.

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