Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celtic Jewelry

In spite of a sketchy economy, we're still seeing a steady demand for Celtic jewelry of all kinds.

The number of visitors to our site at has remained steady, though the months of February and March were challenging in terms of actual sales.

It seems to be getting back to normal in April, with sales of Celtic tiaras picking up noticeably, which could be because of the need for spring and summer weddings.

One of the reasons why Celtic jewelry is still in demand, is because it is not a trendy jewelry niche, but one that is based on heritage, and the timeless allure of Celtic knot designs, and other Celtic symbols, such as the Spiral, Triskele, Triquetra, Claddagh and others.

We are continuing to add new items to our online store, so look for an even greater selection of Celtic jewelry, Celtic pendants, Celltic earrings, wedding tiaras, bridal circlets, and other Celtic designs.

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