Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sacramento Scottish Games

It the time of year for our first Scottish Games, the Sacramento Scottish Games, held in woodland California.

This is one of our favorites of the year. It is fairly close to home (300 miles), the weather is usually good, and the crowds are usually good as well.

The Sacramento Games usually has great entertainment (this year Wicked Tinkers and Men of Worth), and is a friendly crowd, which is how they advertise it as well.

We'll be bringing some of our new circlets, as well as some new mammoth tusk carvings. We'll also have our usual selection of Celtic pendants, Celtic earrings, and rings, including large rings for the gents.

We'll be in the Ag building, which is on the left, about 50 yeards after entering through the front gate.

We hope to see you there!