Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Lower Priced Wedding Tiara Designs

We've had requests for some lower cost wedding tiaras and circlets, and , we finally have some.

These are a little different look from our own exclusive hand cast designs, but they fill a niche, and are perfect for those who want something for one time use, or just something of a different style.

Right now I've only put of three of the dozen or so tiara designs that will be up soon, but you'll get the idea of what these are like.

They are hand made, mostly of wire that has been twisted, hammered and wrapped, to create very unique and stylish designs in both gold and silver tones. some have cabochons as well.

Keeping with our commitment to provide one of the best selections of wedding tiaras, bridal tiaras, tiaras for costume, ritual and theatre, look for more styles to be included in our collection all the time.

A little about Tiaras at Wikipedia. Also, check out our Celtic Jewelry as well.